Learn the secrets of Writing and Speaking in English fluently

Learn the secrets of Writing and Speaking in English fluently

The role played by the English language in the world economy is very great. Almost all the business transactions are able to occur because of the ability of the people to communicate effectively. The language that unites the people of the world to be able to communicate is English. The role of English does not stop there. There are students who go to various countries to complete their education. Almost all international education is in English as it is a common language that is widely spoken around the world.

 People who do not have English as their primary language of communication are always on the lookout for various simple methods of learning the language. There are various secrets to learn to write and speak English effectively and fluently.

Secret 1:

Become a voracious reader: Reading is one activity that will help a person to become more fluent in the language. There are many magazines and books in English that a person can read. Reading these books will help the person to understand the use of the language in sentence formation and will also help a person to be able to comprehend the language. Reading is the first and most basic step to write and speak fluently in English. When reading, the person should select the best possible magazines and books as poor quality books will not have good English. This will make the person learning the language learn it in a wrong way.

Secret 2:

Use the dictionary to good effect: Dictionaries are a boon to those who want to be able to speak and write fluently in English. This is because of the thousands of words that are present in the dictionary with each of the words having many meaning being listed neatly in the alphabetical order. The individual who wants to learn to write and speak in English fluently should make use of the dictionary to the maximum. Increasing the vocabulary by using the dictionary to learn many new words is very useful when a person is learning the new language. Using each of the new words learn in varying sentences will also give confidence to the person learning English to be able to use different words in different situations. Dictionary should play an important part in the life of every person who is learning English.

Secret 3:

Listen to different accents: English is a language that is spoken in different accents around the world. For people who want to learn to speak and write English, they should be familiar with the different accents that are present. The British and the American accent are the best accents that are present for one who wants to learn English. This is because these two accents are used widely around the world. Listening to varying accents and being able to understand what is being said increases the listening ability of the individual. Once the person listens to varying accents of English, the person can speak to people talking in these varying accents.

Secret 4:

Learn a little of Grammar: Though to read and write, learning Grammar is not very essential, it is good to learn the grammar so that a person can be confident. Knowing grammar will help the individual to understand the varying contexts in which certain words can be used. Many of the great English writers may not even know the basics of grammar in English. This is because grammar is like the law of the language. It gives a basic idea of forming sentences and the correct method of phrasing. A person does not need good knowledge to be able to speak and write in Good English. A basic knowledge of grammar is essential though, to be able to read and write without simple mistakes.

Secret 5:

Learn at least 3 new words a day: Learning at least three new words each day will help a person to be able to have a good command over the language. The three new words can be very easy to start with and slowly the difficult words can be included. Each of the new words learnt should be remembered and never forgot. A person should schedule to recollect the new words learnt each month at the end of the month. This will prevent the person from forgetting the words learnt. This will help the individual to be able to have a wider knowledge of the various words used in English. This when used in writing and also speaking will help the individual to be fluent. This is another of the five important secrets that can help an individual to be able to speak and write English fluently.

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    Great tips! I would add that to become fluent, you have to be willing to make mistakes. If you are not afraid of making mistakes, then you’ll be more willing to speak. If you are more willing to speak, you will become fluent faster!